The Brothers


Janne Vakkilainen / Super Janne  

Kuva: Eino Manner

Kuva: Eino Manner

Janne has made an over 10 year career as an independent artist with his alias Super Janne and has been producing and writing songs for over two decades. Self taught since the 90´s he has written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all his solo Super Janne-material and has collaborated widely in the Finnish music and entertainment industry as an artist, songwriter and producer. As a masterful vocalist he is able to provide necessary know how into recording and mixing vocals and he is known for his beat making skills and impeccable style. He has lately been doing a lot of mixing and mastering and is making a come back as Super Janne now that the three year studio build is finished.  Janne is the CEO of his company Super Since Birth and is the owner and operator of the Super Pro Studios. 


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Toni Vakkilainen

Toni Vakkilainen has been making music of all genres for over two decades and is a full fledged multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. He has studied music production in the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied sciences and knows how to properly manage even the biggest recording productions from choirs to big bands. He has also played as a guitarist in the bands of two of the biggest finnish acts Stig and Nopsajalka. He also writes songs and has some yet unreleased gems that will soon be heard in the near future. Toni operates Super Pro Studios alongside his brother Janne. 





The Rooms

Super Pro Studios has three rooms. The main hallway in the middle of the two control rooms isolates the rooms further from each other and provides a hangout to have a break or do some work that doesn´t require speakers. On the left (from the main door) is the smaller production/control room which is acoustically accurate and has great sense of space for a small room. Its speakers are Dynaudio BM6a´s which are on the spot for the room.  On the left side from the hallway resides the state of the art medium sized control room that has an incredibly accurate world class listening environment designed by acoustic designer John H. Brandt. The room has Quested V3110 midfield speakers that truly compliments the rooms size and acoustics. 


The Main room of the facility is a medium sized control room with great atmosphere for creating music. Rigged with Quested V3110 midfield speakers it has a world class listening environment designed with BNE (Balanced unnatural environment) principals by acoustician John H. Brandt. The room is perfect all around room for high quality recording, mixing and mastering requirements with proper sound isolation for any precision audio work. . The room has a window for natural light and the Questeds dispersion profile allows for the client to hear the music well even in the back of the room on the sofa. 


Great place to have a break from a session, get some coffee, maybe write lyrics or practise a part or maybe just to hang out and have chat. 


The smaller room of the facility has great acoustics and a lot of natural light. The speakers are Dynaudio BM6a´s that are perfect for the size of the room. The soundproof doors with big windows add to the spacious feel.